Residential Custom Builds

BWS is a custom assembler of water softener equipment and can offer a nearly unlimited combination of equipment and treatment media.   With our line of softeners, we can help the most seasoned water treatment dealer pick an approach that with resolve the hardest water issues, and provide a crisper, cleaner tasting product for the consumer.


  • Tank sizes 7″ – 36″
  • Palletized units
  • High Efficiency Options
  • Hi-Flow Systems
  • Anion & Cation Systems

Customizable BWS ZipJack

BWS offers an exclusive line of customizable NEOPRENE ZIP-ON MINERAL TANK JACKETS, which help to reduce the sweating of your tank.  These jackets are designed to insulate tanks against ambient temperature drops which will reduce the possibility of moisture developing on the outside of the tank.  The material is easy to wash and reuse time and again.   You’ll be amazed at the style it adds to one of our custom designed systems.  CLICK HERE for more details.