LANTIS Carbon Series

BWS offers a dynamic and creative collection of carbon media and filter options.  Our carbon units can improve your water quality taste by removing sulfur and chlorine remnants, can reduce the effects of iron staining, and/or protect your health by reducing harmful PFAS/PFOS down to non-detectable levels.


  • Premium Carbon Selections
  • Twin Applications Available
  • Removes Sulfur Smell
  • Reduces Iron Staining
  • Better Tasting Water
  • Upflow configurations available
  • Higher backwash flow rates

All BWS filters are less media. Refer to our Filter Media Selection Guide for selection of the appropriate media specific for your application.

BTTF Carbon Filter Series

For our upflow series BWS has an innovative and creative approach to carbon applications.  Contact your local BWS dealer and ask him about our twin upflow systems and how they can be more efficient for your water treatment system.