Lantis Nitrate Selective Series

To ensure removal of nitrates from your water a proper filtration system must be installed, if the source of the nitrates cannot be identified or removed.  One of the best methods for removal is the use of a selective anion exchange resin.


  • BWS Lantis Control Valve
  • Reduce Nitrate Levels up to 90%
  • Regenerate with Soft Water
  • High Capacity Nitrate Exchange Resin
  • NSF certified tank & media
  • Fully Programmable Lantis Control Valve
  • No Toxic Chemicals

Product Information

1 CF14 GPM2 GPM9 X 48
1.5 CF1-2 6 GPM2.4 GPM10 X 54
2 CF2-38 GPM4 GPM12 X 52
3 CF2-412 GPM5 GPM14 X 65
4 CF2-616 GPM6 GPM16 X 72

Technical Specs:

  • Sulfates will effect performance of unit.  Sulfate levels must be known in addition to nitrate levels.
  • A complete water analysis workup is required when sizing these units.
  • Maximum temperature is 100? F
  • Maximum pressure is 100 PSI
  • Nitrate removal capacity will be dependent upon the total amount of nitrates and sulfates present in the water
  • For assistance in unit selection, sizing  or help with water analysis,  email us at

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