aerZone™ Oxidized Filter

BWS aerZone™ Filters use OZ3 Sidekick™ to oxidize, clean and filter water while providing antimicrobial protection against nuisance bacteria and related odors.  These enhanced oxidizing filter also reduce iron and sulfur from drinking water.


  • Solid-State Microprocessor
  • No Chemical Dosing
  • Natural Disinfection
  • Removes Sulfur Smell
  • Removes Iron Staining
  • Better Tasting Water
  • No Air Compressors

All BWS filters are less media. Refer to our Filter Media Selection Guide for selection of the appropriate media specific for your application.

BWS AIO OZ³ controls

Product Information

Filter Media Capacity (CF)11.522.534
Mineral Tank Size (Inches)9x4810x5412x5213x5414x6516x65
Underbed “D” Gravel RQ’D (lbs)9x4810x5412x5213x5414x6516x65
Freeboard (From top of tank)18”18”16”16”26”27”
Service Flow Rate - Continuous2.22.84567
Service Flow Rate - Intermittent4567810
Backwash Flow Rate4.25.37.591015
Footprint (W” x D”)9X1710X1712X1713X1714X1716X17
Maximum Height (Inches)586462647676
Family washing clothes

BWS Ozone Filters

Water entering the OZ³ Sidekick aerZone™ system passes through an ozone layer where impurities are oxidized, deodorized and enlarged so the filter can remove them and hold them until a backwash cycle is initiated. The impurities are then sent to drain and the ozone layer is replaced, ready to process another batch of crystal clean water!

Additional Product Information

Media Selection Chart

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